Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Just to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year-in case I don't get chance to blog til next year. Winding down for a family Christmas and a wee bit of writing. Hope you all have fun and get everything you want. Hoping to go to the midnight service at St George's on Christmas Eve-I wonder if I will get anymore inspiration from there? Who knows it may appear in the next book...

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Out of Time: Freezing at Furness Abbey

Out of Time: Freezing at Furness Abbey: What a wonderful winter's day today-blue sky, cloudless and FREEZING! However it was all worth it to meet my youngest reader Simon age 6 w...

Freezing at Furness Abbey

What a wonderful winter's day today-blue sky, cloudless and FREEZING! However it was all worth it to meet my youngest reader Simon age 6 who asked some intelligent questions about the story. Also had a good laugh with the two ladies on the next stall, who were selling Of course being so close to Abbey Mill Cafe it would have been rude not to have a hot was a shame that more stall holders didn't turn up though-but the three of us and Santa had a lovely time anyway-they don't know what they missed! Well that's the last book selling and signing of the year-so its over to preparing for new year!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

tis the season to be jolly

Not a lot to report -busy chasing my tail. Bluebirds Study Centre looks as though we will have some more opportunities in the new year to follow up. Hopefully we can get back to full strength over the next few months.
I have a growing list of bookings for my diary for new year too which is good news. I have just about completed the pictures for Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle-just a couple of tweaks! Then its off to Troubador Publishing to be sorted. Next job finish off the last chapters of Raven's Hoard-job for the holidays. A weekend of partying this weekend-family and friends celebrating my daughter's 18th birthday! Then some hard work over Christmas-ringing stores and writing and of course-blogging!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Library visits, e-books and tweets

What a great way to spend Saturday morning! I was privileged to join some very smart young people at Barrow Library this morning for their Reading Group. We had a lovely time chatting about writing, reading and of course "Out of Time". Four of the youngsters had already read the book and one was half way through. By the end of the session 2 more had borrowed the library copies:) I hope I can visit again-perhaps when I've got Raven's Horde finished?
I'm over there again on Monday evening this time for the Teenage Book Club-should be fun!
After that-nothing much until January! Ah well-lots of writing time then-in between family Christmassy things.
Looking at book sales today-still going very well, but a bit disappointed with e-book/Kindle sales. Not sure how one increases these sales-more tweets perhaps-and  think I need a wider range for touring schools to get things moving. Ah well-all for New Year I think.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Out of Time: Hairy Biker buys Book!

Out of Time: Hairy Biker buys Book!: Well after a chilly, long day at Barrow AFC NOT selling many books I am glad to say that today was more successful! Thanks though to the d...

Hairy Biker buys Book!

Well after a chilly, long day at Barrow AFC NOT selling many books I am glad to say that today was more successful! Thanks though to the directors and staff at the club for your continuing support and letting me appear on a match day. However, the Christmas Fair run by Furness Rotary Club at Chetwynde Hotel was very pleasant and more productive. Then when I had just settled down, the Hairy Biker, Dave Myers turned up! He had come to do a book signing no less! Obviously, though a fellow Barrovian he is slightly more famous than I am, so instantly a queue formed! I got quite excited when my friend Darren Herbert (thanks Darren) went over to ask if we could have a photo together (on account of me being too shy to ask!). That would have been lovely...but even better he asked me about the book  and bought one (and I had to sign it too). I do hope he reads it and maybe tweets what he thinks-that would be wonderful. He was very friendly and a really nice chap and is a credit to his home town Barrow-in-Furness. So, I can do or say no more...except to share the photo with you all! Yay!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas is coming

Bit of a draughty and long day today. Spent the day chatting to supporters at Barrow AFC and met some people I hadn't seen for a while. Not much in the way of book selling but a pleasant day anyway and time to catch up with everyone. Off to Chetwynde Hotel tomorrow for the Rotary Christmas Fair. Signing again but some nice bits and pieces to sell-merchandise linked to the book-including calendars and mugs. Come down and see whats on offer-I know there a lots of other stalls and a Santa's grotto too. Ill be there from 11am til 2pm-see you there.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Deep thoughts and deliberations

Grey days and self examination seem to go well together. The mood is sombre and I suppose thats what allows negative thoughts to creep into the psyche like little grey maggots! Its been a funny old year-what with huge upheaval in the employment arena, yet offset with the excitement of bringing out a new book. As we approach the end of the year I can't help but appraise the long months of uncertainty and change. Its been a very challenging time but I hope that a stronger forward movement will occur next year! I am more and more sure that writing is now an important and permanent part of my daily life and I probably need to accept that the old life has gone-I doubt will ever rekindle(no pun intended) the old teaching career-where writing was a hobby and teaching my job-I am now feeling that these two will be completely reversed-which is an odd thought!

However, I am delighted with the book's response and look forward to the up coming publication of Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle. I have had many experiences I never thought to have had-the latest one, signing books in the illustrious drawing room of John Ruskin no less at Brantwood. I am still reeling from this-what an amazing weekend -who knows where I'll end up next. Well obviously, I know some places-Barrow AFC on 3rd December, Chetwynde Hotel at the Rotary Christmas Fair a day later and finally on 18th December Furness Abbey Christmas Fair! I have two visits to Barrow Library planned too to the reading group and the Teens book club-can't wait!

It will be a lovely end to the year and I am putting together dates and venues for next year now. If your school, group or society wish to invite me to do a session, signing or visit please contact me via my email, website etc. Dont forget that Out of Time is in a number of outlets-Lancaster, Barrow, Carlisle Waterstones, Tinner's Rabbit Ulverston, Brantwood, Coniston, Abbey Cafe, Furness Abbey and via the usual outlets online and the Dystonia Society website-Oh and of course its out on Kindle and e-books too!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Long day yesterday-but worth the effort. Signing at Carlisle Waterstones went well-some good conversations with past customers and met some new ones too. Lots of people waiting for book 2! They will need to be patient I'm afraid...not ready yet by a mile.  Must get down to some work...this weekend has been a washout! Finding the balance between writing and promoting a tricky one! Suppose its a learning curve!
Looking forward to upcoming signings-in some fairly eclectic venues including Barrow AFC! Updates as they come up!
As to Christmas...haven't even started! Can't fit it in this year! Busy week at the centre too-trip to the Barrow Archives this week and a few student observations. Then I intend to sort out the diary for next term. At present my availability is outstripping my bookings! So if you know a school who needs an author-I'm your girl!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Return to Waterstones Carlisle

I'm on my way back up the M6 to Carlisle on Saturday for my second signing there. I'm looking forward to it because its a lovely store with very supportive staff (and nice coffee).Hoping there will be lots of visitors and shoppers...and hope they are looking for a good stocking filler...which Out of Time is of course! Who wouldn't want one to read over the festive season? Look out for the chapter located seasonably at the famous Dalton tree festival, which if you aren't familiar is when groups decorate a tree and put it for viewing in Dalton St Mary's Church. There is always a fantastic carol service and it certainly promotes the spirit of Christmas.
Later this month I will be at Furness Abbey again for their Christmas festive fair-and in addition to the book I will have some merchandise linked to the book and the abbey-so come on down-you may find even more stocking fillers. There will be lots of stalls, with exciting things to buy and the eminent Abbey Cafe will be providing lovely festive foods.
I am also attending the match at Barrow AFC VS Ebbsfleet-I will be signing books there before the match and at half time, the following day I will be at the Rotary fair at Chetwynde Hotel-So its going to be a busy time.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Out of Time: Brantwood craft fair

Out of Time: Brantwood craft fair: A lovely day today at beautiful Brantwood with spectacular views along Coniston lake. Met many interesting people including the talented Sal...

Brantwood craft fair

A lovely day today at beautiful Brantwood with spectacular views along Coniston lake. Met many interesting people including the talented Sally Anne Lambert an illustrator and watercolourist. Had a great signing and sold a lot of books and had many chats about Out of Time and the next book too. Lovely surroundings in Ruskin's drawing room overlooking the lake and many exciting stalls and crafts. Felt nice being in close proximity to where my great grandparents lived and worked-Miles and Jane Wilkinson who lived in the Lodge and Miles worked as gardener first for Ruskin and then the Severns. Wonder what they would have thought? Just resting up ready for tomorow when I get to do it all again!:) and I will post some pictures-the autumn leaves look amazing. Watching Festival of Remembrance now at the Royal Albert Hall-reminds me of my dad who loved it-a Royal Engineer-and remembering the family members who were lost in WW1. Lest we forget

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Out of Time: Book signing at Brantwood

Out of Time: Book signing at Brantwood: Busy weekend ahead. I will be at beautiful Brantwood on Saturday and Sunday-signing books at the Craft Fair on both days. Can't think of a l...

Book signing at Brantwood

Busy weekend ahead. I will be at beautiful Brantwood on Saturday and Sunday-signing books at the Craft Fair on both days. Can't think of a lovelier place to spend 2 days. Hope lots of visitors come and have a chat! Should be a nice weekend. Bookings for the new term are coming in gradually and I am also taking part in the Furness Abbey Christmas fair event (I did suggest this on FB-maybe somebody listens after all? lol) But before that theres another signing at Carlisle Waterstones on 19th December. Still trying to get back to writing again-and finishing the pictures for the children's picture many distractions, issues and things to do!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Out of Time: Spooky times

Out of Time: Spooky times: Wow! What an exciting and scary weekend! The reading at Walney library has led to further sessions being booked in December with other readi...

Spooky times

Wow! What an exciting and scary weekend! The reading at Walney library has led to further sessions being booked in December with other reading groups at Barrow Library which is exciting. On Saturday, at Lancaster Waterstones in Market Street the staff welcomed me and made me feel very comfortable. I spent a few hours signing and met the other author Henry Brooks,who was signing at the same time which was very interesting-a fellow Cumbrian it turns out! I the evening I attended a"ghost tour" at Morecambe Winter Gardens, which was very scary indeed. Sunday though had to be the icing on the cake. There was a Halloween event at Furness Abbey and I was reading from Out of Time in the infirmary. It was very atmospheric with candles and the children loved it. A special thanks to Leeann who acted as my "monk" appearing at the relevant time from under a black cape in the corner-one little chap said "Is it real?" and another "That monk's got glasses". All in all a successful evening, with the bat walk, the abbey walk and the food at the excellent Abbey Cafe (though I would have liked a pie...). The best part of the evening was meeting my inspiration for Mason the groundsman-the real Mr Tom Burrows-who asked me to sign his copy of the book. He is so sweet and has been reappraising his role by telling people where the key items are in the abbey. Oh-and I also got another idea which is bound to appear in the next book!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Out of Time: Batteries recharged

Out of Time: Batteries recharged: Fully recharged and ready to go after a lovely family holiday in Turkey. Starting this Friday with a reading session at Walney Library and a...

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Batteries recharged

Fully recharged and ready to go after a lovely family holiday in Turkey. Starting this Friday with a reading session at Walney Library and a competition, starting at 2-30pm. That over, Ill be appearing at Lancaster Waterstones at 11am to sign copies of Out of Time-this is new territory for me so quite exciting. However, I'm even more excited by the spooky Halloween evening on Sunday at Furness Abbey, when I will be reading chapters in situ-and in the dark! Should be really good and hope it all goes well.
Had an interview  by the North West Evening Mail-prompted by the lovely staff from Barrow Waterstones as I am on their bestseller list! The article will appear tomorrow-so should be interesting.
Just finishing the pictures for Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle and also need to get back to writing "Raven's Hoard". Out of Time in 2nd print now and lots of bookings being arranged too. Check out the facebook page and website for new pictures and information

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dalton St Marys School and other events

Cracking week mostly-apart from Mum being in hospital. Civic Society and Furness Family History both welcomed me splendidly and I had a great time at both-thanks guys for the invitation!
Although I felt nervous about my first full day author visit to Dalton St Marys School it turned out to be a wonderful experience. The staff and children were welcoming and friendly and put me at my ease. I started in Foundation stage-for whom I had written a new story-called "Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle" -they loved it and we did all the actions and sounds-especially liking the bit where he sneezes! Then went through Key Stage 1 and told the story again-well received again and prompted good questions and contributions. After play I met Year 3-who were a delight, I was asked in this class what it was like to be famous-I said Id get back to them!lol. Years 4,5,6 in the pm-and I had great fun judging the character competition Id set for them and had a winner from Year 6 and runner up from Year 4 Well done!
Then today-good news-and great thanks to Waterstones staff at Barrow my book is number 5 in the Best Seller chart for the shop! Thanks to all those Barrovians who have purchased it too!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

new projects

Wow!Ages since Ive blogged but Ive been busy, busy ,busy! The BlueBirds Study Centre@ Barrow AFC is taking off slowly but surely-but we are definitely seeing light at the end of the tunnel! Long may it go on! Ive been planning, writing and creating educational packs to go with the book. And its bee a bit worrying this week as our grandson Noah was very poorly requiring a hospital visit. Glad to report hes fine again now-but nevertheless it was a scary few days.
Ive got on well with the education pack and its nearly finished-and will become available very soon! Written more of Ravens Hoard and because Im visiting Dalton St Marys on Wednesday and working with ALL year groups Ive had to create a little story more appropriate to the younger age group. Its called "Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle" and the prototype will be tried out on Wednesday! If it goes down well I will need to look into getting it published! The hubby liked hopefully the youngsters will too!lol

Visits upcoming: tomorrow 2pm at Trinity church centre Barrow  in Furness  a talk to the Civic Society a bit scary but looking forward to it! Next week on Monday 3rd at 7-30 at the Dock Museum, FOR
 a talk-on a previous book which I wrote about the history of Victoria Infant School Barrow and obviously Out of Time. Wednesday Im at Dalton ST Marys for the whole day and a book signing afterwards! Busy week but thats how I like it!

Weekend busy too with Uni visits for my daughter Freya! And Saturday Im at The Coronation Hall Ulverston   AT the Rotary Fair where Im having a stall for Dystonia. Three new prospective members this week! My book will soon be on Dystonia Society website-and Im donating £1.99 per book to the society. Dnt know what dystonia is? Check out my husband has suffered with this for 15 years and we have made many friends through the great support network the society provides. Well that just about covers it for now-any spelling errors due to a small Baileys to celebrate 32 years of marriage today!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

what a week!

Still reeling from the 2 bits of bad news-first about the fire at Dowdales-a local school and then about Crooklands Garden Centre, Dalton where a fire broke out next door and damaged the Garden centre. Really sad news-but glad nobody was seriously hurt. Hope Crooklands gets up and running quickly.
Some good news(for me) is that Out of Time is now out on Kindle etc! Thats quite exciting really and I hope sales will be boosted because of it!
Bookings still coming in and these will be posted on the website soon I hope.Sadly the Eskdale Show is cancelled due to the weather forecast-which is a shame, but some others coming up soon to replace it.
Writing is coming along nicely and I now have a working title Time Lapse, Raven's Hoard! Think thats ok-but may change it.
Good piece in the Evening Mail tonight about the Bluebirds Study Centre re-opening. We are off the ground again-but still need a large cash injection to make us more viable. Few items in the pipeline and feeling positive! Just as well because it seems Mr Gove is spending Pupil Premium on plugging the deficit and on his new 2 weeks holiday scheme to help "disadvantaged" pupils...sound familiar? Rebranding of the worst kind!
Anyway tell your friends to follow the blog-and feel free to comment below or via Facebook/Twitter etc

Thursday, 15 September 2011


so much to do-how did I find time to fit work in? Early start to plan my work and do some more writing! Need a system-too easily distracted. Like today-lovely sunny warm day so took aged parent for lunch at the excellent Crooklands Garden Centre Dalton and then after tea a lovely walk-past Furness Abbey-naturally with my daughter...and after checking emails, facebooking and tweeting its now too late to start-even if I did have a good chat with my new author friend Russ Brown! Procrastination is the thief of time! I resolve to be more organised and to follow up all my prospects, get words onto paper(well virtual paper)and actually achieve something tomorrow! I feel better already!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

happy days

love days like to day. Started really positively and just got better and better. Our first real session at Bluebirds Study Centre At Barrow AFC began with 7 Teaching Assistant students and we had good news re the new funding streams-thank goodness! So everyone was happy. Then I got a phonecall with more good news-which will become apparent at a later date! Add to that a bit of baby sitting for our grandson Noah, and you have an almost perfect day. Then a call to order 7 copies of Out of Time! Can't be bad! Certainly lifts my mood being gainfully employed:)
Interesting piece on C4 News-about the difficulty new authors have in getting their work into print. A new idea called Unbound where authors can put their proposed story/book to be judged by readers, who subscribe to allow it to be published! Good idea! I'm a bit ahead of this and can't fault Troubador Publishing Ltd. They've been second to none and have been brilliant at marketing. However, I still need to increase my reach and marketing beyond Cumbria. I've said before that I find this aspect of authorship hard-but onward and upward. There is movement and certainly the book is selling well. I can't wait until Out of Time is out on Kindle etc-very exciting and think this may well increase sales in an arena as yet unexplored. Tour dates are developing and I have 2 signings at Waterstones it's watch this space!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Out of Time: change of date

Out of Time: change of date: Unfortunately Waterstones at Lancaster have had to change my signing date to Saturday 29th October from 11am, instead of this weekend! Prosp...

change of date

Unfortunately Waterstones at Lancaster have had to change my signing date to Saturday 29th October from 11am, instead of this weekend! Prospective booking for a 2 nd signing at Carlisle Waterstones too. The diary is booking up well...schools are expressing an interest-as far away as Italy! I will keep you posted as to where I am going next.

Very busy writing Ravens Horde...which is going well, but I really do need to set aside time to write instead of fitting it in. The 2 new courses are a good start too at the Bluebirds Study Centre. "Time Investigators" was great-nice bunch of kids from St James and Victoria Junior Schools in Barrow. The Teaching Assistant course is picking up speed with 6 prospective students now.

Only a short time to go before Out of Time comes out on Kindle etc. Hopefully this may increase sales...Please click follow at the bottom of the blog and help me to pass it on!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

what next?

Well...I've got to say that this promotional business is a bit of a worry! I am obviously getting into it-but I have to say its not my natural modus operendi! I am actually quite a shy person under the outer extrovert-teaching changed me categorically and taught me how to role play and look confident(while trembling like a jelly inside). I am making headway with promoting "Out of Time" but probably Ineed to do more. I have had all kinds of help and advice from all kinds of people-yet I still find picking up the phone to make bookings difficult and embarassing! Yes-I believe in my book...but theres always that tiny, nagging doubt that people may not like it...and why would they want to help me sell it? I think I need a publicist! Max Clifford-are you available?
Anyway-I am arranging visits and sessions in schools and the odd signing here and there. I hope to sign up to a few Christmas Fairs and events-any ideas gratefully accepted!
Anyway Im trying hard to complete "Raven's Horde"by Christmas-New Year at latest...and hopefully it may be out by summer again!

Monday, 5 September 2011

busy and moving forward

Interesting day-bit of movement on the Bluebirds Study centre front! We will be starting a Teaching Assistant course and a History Detectives course this this space.
Sadly another story which proves that the understanding of dystonia is still a long way off. We met a lady who has just lost her job because she has dystonia! We were incensed that such discrimination can exist-and this in a company apparently who is an"equality" provider! Seems we must carry on trying to get people to recognise dystonia-check out for more information
With regard to book news...-Walney library on 28 October, author visit and talk, queries from 2 schools and interest from a couple of outlets! Looking forward to it:)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

and back to work...

Busy week ahead: preparing to relaunch Bluebirds Study Centre @ BarrowAFC with a few small courses-with some precious funding! Good news!Not Playing for Success but its a start!
Some serious writing planned-I've decided I need a timetable to keep me in check! Raven's Horde progressing well, over half way-a few tricky chapters to write but tis getting exciting!
Out of Time going into e-books/kindle very soon-dragging myself into the 21st century and though I am a Kindle owner now...I must confess I still love the feel of a real book! However, I hope to reach many more people with this move!
Planning a list of appearances and signings for the next term-I am available to visit schools, groups and clubs etc-email or message me for details.Some interesting gigs coming up-especially the Hallowe'en at Furness Abbey on 30th October-I hope to be reading from Out of Time in situ...which-I anticipate WILL be very scary!
Appearing at Abbey Mill Craft Fair next Sunday, Waterstones Lancaster 17th September and Eskdale Show 24th September-more details to follow!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Teaching materials and author sessions for schools

I'm busy now preparing literacy materials to go with the book as a teaching pack. Should be ready by September. Brochure in preparation for school projects and sessions-if you are interested I can offer competitive rates and a varied menu of activities for Primary and Year 7 pupils.

Signings at Millom and Broughton Show on Saturday from 9-30am in the Craft Tent-hope it goes as well as the Hawkshead Show! On Bank Holiday Monday I'll be at Crooklands Garden Centre Dalton again from 11am and with some activity sheets too! All copies purchased will be signed! Come on down and see me!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

New events planned

Two more boxes of books delivered-getting ready to appear at Hawkshead Show in the heart of the Lakes-can't wait! Just hope its not too wet-forecast for rain so far, but hopefully we will still see the visitors! I'll be in the Horticultural space in the Craft tent...maybe they put me there because I'm a "growing talent"? Sorry about that... Anyway I will be there, ready to sign copies and discuss the book with anyone who wants to! Its on Tuesday at Hawkshead Hall Farm -See you there!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

writing again

well Im glad to say my Muse is back (not the pop group) and I am writing quite an exciting new chapter-its a bit bloody and I'm concerned I may have to tone it down for my kiddies' audience! However, it is no worse than some bits in Shadowmancer by GP Taylor or even (not that I would dare compare my writing to JK)Harry Potter. Anyway-at least the words are coming...need to keep the momentum going and not let the day to day issues of being jobless intervene!
On another issue-Alice Leach( a veteran local historian) are trying to assemble a new support group for Furness Abbey to try and encourage more visitors and provide events! All in concert with the valiant efforts of English Heritage of course-but even they would accept visitor numbers are small and the abbey though significant is under promoted!
Met one of my "characters" at Abbey Mill on Sunday and told him he had inspired one of the lead characters in Out of Time! He was delighted and said I'd made his day...but he'd made mine too!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

11th August Wet and windy signing at Crooklands Garden Centre

What a horrible day-rain, rain and more rain! But some stalwarts turned out to visit Crooklands excellent garden centre-most to be be fair were heading toward the cafe! However, that was good because they had to pass my book signing table! Steady flow of customers and lots of chat and discussion about Furness Abbey. The staff made me feel very welcome and plied me with coffee and biscuits which was kind. Lovely tranquil venue and I have an invitation to return on Bank Holiday Monday-when hopefully the sun will make an appearance and bring more visitors.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Crooklands Garden Centre and cafe Dalton-in-Furness author signings

Bags packed, props assembled, signs prepared-ready to go! Signing from 11am tomorrow at Crooklands Garden Centre-hope lots of you come on down and see me for a chat, or to buy a signed copy of Out of Time. If its wet-no matter-the garden centre shop and cafe are open-look forward to meeting you all

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

getting ready to sign

Preparing some props to adorn my signing table this week. Cant wait to receive the lovely swan Ive oredered from ebay-he will go well with the lovely gargoyle I bought from Crooklands Garden Centre-where...coincidentally I am signing copies of my book on Thursday at 11am. Looking forward to the Abbey Cafe craft fair on Sunday too-just hope the weather stays fine :)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Crooklands Garden Centre and cafe Dalton-in-Furness author signings

Well you will have spotted the deliberate mistake...signings are on Thursday 11th August from 11am...ooops

Signing at Crooklands Garden Centre, Dalton-in-Furness

Preparing for a day's signing at Crooklands Garden Centre and Cafe at Dalton-in-Furness-the ancient capital of Furness and an important location in "Out of Time". Couldn't think of a nicer place to do a signing. I'll be there from 11am on Thursday 11th August and will be pleased to discuss the book and sign copies. Visitors will enjoy the surroundings and can browse and complete their visit by sampling the excellent cakes and coffee in the cafe. Hopefully we will have a lovely day for it and lots of interested visitors. Come down and see me and get your personally signed copy

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

more craft fairs and signings

Can't wait for 14th August -doing signing and readings at Abbey Mill Cafe, Furness Abbey from 12 noon onwards. It will be great to read chapters in the actual setting of the book-hope its sunny and there is a good turn out! Should be a brilliant day with lots to do and see:)

Monday, 1 August 2011

Out of Time: Other signings

Out of Time: Other signings: "After 2 successful signings at Waterstones at Barrow and Carlisle -now progressing to Country Fairs and other venues. Come and see me at Cro..."

Other signings

After 2 successful signings at Waterstones at Barrow and Carlisle -now progressing to Country Fairs and other venues. Come and see me at Crooklands Garden Centre and Cafe, Dalton-in-Furness on Thursday 11th August at 11am! What could be better-have a chat, get a signed copy of Out of Time and then browse through it while having coffee and cake in the splendid cafe?

Sunday, 31 July 2011

School Visits Summer Term 2011

Out of Time was published 1 May 2011 and its been non-stop since...
Starting with schools in the Furness area-where the story is set, was a natural beginning. Even though I am a teacher with 20 years experience it was nevertheless daunting, visiting schools and promoting my new novel. This is surely the biggest test-reading aloud to the children and waiting for their response! Well, I'm glad to report that it's all been positive and even enthusiastic, which encouraged me to continue.
Schools visited so Far include:
  • Sir John Barrow Primary, Ulverston
  • Yarlside Juniors, Barrow
  • St James CE Juniors, Barrow
  • St Paul's CE Juniors, Barrow
  • Newbarns Primary, Barrow
  • Victoria Juniors, Barrow
  • Holy Family RC Primary, Barrow
  • St Gerard's RC Primary, Lostock Hall, Preston
Thanks to all involved and for the support and enthusiasm you all showed and for the  invitations to book clubs and the like. I look forward to expanding my visits to the north of the county in September.