Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dalton St Marys School and other events

Cracking week mostly-apart from Mum being in hospital. Civic Society and Furness Family History both welcomed me splendidly and I had a great time at both-thanks guys for the invitation!
Although I felt nervous about my first full day author visit to Dalton St Marys School it turned out to be a wonderful experience. The staff and children were welcoming and friendly and put me at my ease. I started in Foundation stage-for whom I had written a new story-called "Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle" -they loved it and we did all the actions and sounds-especially liking the bit where he sneezes! Then went through Key Stage 1 and told the story again-well received again and prompted good questions and contributions. After play I met Year 3-who were a delight, I was asked in this class what it was like to be famous-I said Id get back to them!lol. Years 4,5,6 in the pm-and I had great fun judging the character competition Id set for them and had a winner from Year 6 and runner up from Year 4 Well done!
Then today-good news-and great thanks to Waterstones staff at Barrow my book is number 5 in the Best Seller chart for the shop! Thanks to all those Barrovians who have purchased it too!

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