Wednesday, 14 September 2011

happy days

love days like to day. Started really positively and just got better and better. Our first real session at Bluebirds Study Centre At Barrow AFC began with 7 Teaching Assistant students and we had good news re the new funding streams-thank goodness! So everyone was happy. Then I got a phonecall with more good news-which will become apparent at a later date! Add to that a bit of baby sitting for our grandson Noah, and you have an almost perfect day. Then a call to order 7 copies of Out of Time! Can't be bad! Certainly lifts my mood being gainfully employed:)
Interesting piece on C4 News-about the difficulty new authors have in getting their work into print. A new idea called Unbound where authors can put their proposed story/book to be judged by readers, who subscribe to allow it to be published! Good idea! I'm a bit ahead of this and can't fault Troubador Publishing Ltd. They've been second to none and have been brilliant at marketing. However, I still need to increase my reach and marketing beyond Cumbria. I've said before that I find this aspect of authorship hard-but onward and upward. There is movement and certainly the book is selling well. I can't wait until Out of Time is out on Kindle etc-very exciting and think this may well increase sales in an arena as yet unexplored. Tour dates are developing and I have 2 signings at Waterstones it's watch this space!

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