Wednesday, 21 September 2011

what a week!

Still reeling from the 2 bits of bad news-first about the fire at Dowdales-a local school and then about Crooklands Garden Centre, Dalton where a fire broke out next door and damaged the Garden centre. Really sad news-but glad nobody was seriously hurt. Hope Crooklands gets up and running quickly.
Some good news(for me) is that Out of Time is now out on Kindle etc! Thats quite exciting really and I hope sales will be boosted because of it!
Bookings still coming in and these will be posted on the website soon I hope.Sadly the Eskdale Show is cancelled due to the weather forecast-which is a shame, but some others coming up soon to replace it.
Writing is coming along nicely and I now have a working title Time Lapse, Raven's Hoard! Think thats ok-but may change it.
Good piece in the Evening Mail tonight about the Bluebirds Study Centre re-opening. We are off the ground again-but still need a large cash injection to make us more viable. Few items in the pipeline and feeling positive! Just as well because it seems Mr Gove is spending Pupil Premium on plugging the deficit and on his new 2 weeks holiday scheme to help "disadvantaged" pupils...sound familiar? Rebranding of the worst kind!
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