Saturday, 6 July 2013

What British summertime should be like

Had a really lovely day today at Kirkby Gala. I was lucky enough to be invited by friends...not old friends...but good friends nevertheless...Patrick Corbett and Anne...who I met through a mutual passion for Furness Abbey. You sometimes meet people who you instantly connect with and its like you are already old friends-well these are two such people. They are generous and open, artistic and talented and powerfully imaginative. Together they provide art tuition and are incredible artists-I am in awe of their a Sunday painter...I can only admire. You can check out Patrick's website

I had a pitch today next to theirs and was fascinated to watch them creating amazing illuminated letters with a captivated audience of children. I was pleased to sell a lot of books today and engaged with many interesting people. I even saw some old friends...and met children who had the books already and was even asked to have my photo with a lovely young lady called Imogen. 

The whole day was delightful with all of the traditional things you would expect...cakes and tea, puppet shows, competitions, flowers, jam, local history, stalls and so much more...and even a stray Dalek-which made my grandson Noah's day! It was a brilliant day-community based and well supported-hats off to the organisers. Additonally, we had lots of publicity over the tannoy from Jonathan Lee (NWEM) telling people about the upcoming   Medieval Fair at Furness Abbey on 31 August! Lots of interest and a nice starter for my summer tour of fetes, fairs and galas...
Noah and the Dalek