Thursday, 24 January 2013

Dreaded marketing, ICT and social media

Google page? Google community, circles, hangouts...all new to me and as incomprehensible as Stephen Hawking's theory of everything!However you can't say I don't try...despite my age and lack of skill in these matters. I pride my self in being an erudite facebooker and tweeter and I am even Linkedin...but I must say Google+ is a mystery! I can't seem to see who is on there or how one extends the reach... but I do feel I should have a go! I have therefore set up a page Out of Time;Gill do please visit it!

As I have often said before I hate marketing and constantly put off that which must be done in the name of self promotion-after all if I don't do it who will? It takes me away from writing...the real writing...not blogging etc and I am never clear how much difference it actually makes. I am still waiting for something to g viral and I am in awe of the authors who cleverly have a full catalogue of bookings, constant and massive sales and mentions in despatches in significant publications! I am doing quite nicely thank you, but I feel I'm not reaching the parts other authors seem to reach. Or are they just even better at presenting a positive image than I am?

I have a great following of kids and adults alike who wait for the next book and stay connected, I can find myself on google for at least 26 pages, I have had no negative reviews, I go into schools regularly so I guess it must be ok. However, I am an impatient soul and would like to take things to the next level...viral at least! I am not sure what more to do... whether it is because I am placed in the northwest and am therefore isolated geographically and certainly disposable income here is not what it is down south! I have mused over this issue for a while but I am still unsure how effective social networking actually is... did Beatrix Potter have the same self doubt I wonder?  And she wasn't even on Facebook! 

On the positive side..I actually finished another chapter of The Cistercian Conspiracy last night!

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