Thursday, 8 September 2011

what next?

Well...I've got to say that this promotional business is a bit of a worry! I am obviously getting into it-but I have to say its not my natural modus operendi! I am actually quite a shy person under the outer extrovert-teaching changed me categorically and taught me how to role play and look confident(while trembling like a jelly inside). I am making headway with promoting "Out of Time" but probably Ineed to do more. I have had all kinds of help and advice from all kinds of people-yet I still find picking up the phone to make bookings difficult and embarassing! Yes-I believe in my book...but theres always that tiny, nagging doubt that people may not like it...and why would they want to help me sell it? I think I need a publicist! Max Clifford-are you available?
Anyway-I am arranging visits and sessions in schools and the odd signing here and there. I hope to sign up to a few Christmas Fairs and events-any ideas gratefully accepted!
Anyway Im trying hard to complete "Raven's Horde"by Christmas-New Year at latest...and hopefully it may be out by summer again!

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