Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Deep thoughts and deliberations

Grey days and self examination seem to go well together. The mood is sombre and I suppose thats what allows negative thoughts to creep into the psyche like little grey maggots! Its been a funny old year-what with huge upheaval in the employment arena, yet offset with the excitement of bringing out a new book. As we approach the end of the year I can't help but appraise the long months of uncertainty and change. Its been a very challenging time but I hope that a stronger forward movement will occur next year! I am more and more sure that writing is now an important and permanent part of my daily life and I probably need to accept that the old life has gone-I doubt will ever rekindle(no pun intended) the old teaching career-where writing was a hobby and teaching my job-I am now feeling that these two will be completely reversed-which is an odd thought!

However, I am delighted with the book's response and look forward to the up coming publication of Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle. I have had many experiences I never thought to have had-the latest one, signing books in the illustrious drawing room of John Ruskin no less at Brantwood. I am still reeling from this-what an amazing weekend -who knows where I'll end up next. Well obviously, I know some places-Barrow AFC on 3rd December, Chetwynde Hotel at the Rotary Christmas Fair a day later and finally on 18th December Furness Abbey Christmas Fair! I have two visits to Barrow Library planned too to the reading group and the Teens book club-can't wait!

It will be a lovely end to the year and I am putting together dates and venues for next year now. If your school, group or society wish to invite me to do a session, signing or visit please contact me via my email, website etc. Dont forget that Out of Time is in a number of outlets-Lancaster, Barrow, Carlisle Waterstones, Tinner's Rabbit Ulverston, Brantwood, Coniston, Abbey Cafe, Furness Abbey and via the usual outlets online and the Dystonia Society website-Oh and of course its out on Kindle and e-books too!

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