Sunday, 20 November 2011

Long day yesterday-but worth the effort. Signing at Carlisle Waterstones went well-some good conversations with past customers and met some new ones too. Lots of people waiting for book 2! They will need to be patient I'm afraid...not ready yet by a mile.  Must get down to some work...this weekend has been a washout! Finding the balance between writing and promoting a tricky one! Suppose its a learning curve!
Looking forward to upcoming signings-in some fairly eclectic venues including Barrow AFC! Updates as they come up!
As to Christmas...haven't even started! Can't fit it in this year! Busy week at the centre too-trip to the Barrow Archives this week and a few student observations. Then I intend to sort out the diary for next term. At present my availability is outstripping my bookings! So if you know a school who needs an author-I'm your girl!

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