Thursday, 18 August 2011

writing again

well Im glad to say my Muse is back (not the pop group) and I am writing quite an exciting new chapter-its a bit bloody and I'm concerned I may have to tone it down for my kiddies' audience! However, it is no worse than some bits in Shadowmancer by GP Taylor or even (not that I would dare compare my writing to JK)Harry Potter. Anyway-at least the words are coming...need to keep the momentum going and not let the day to day issues of being jobless intervene!
On another issue-Alice Leach( a veteran local historian) are trying to assemble a new support group for Furness Abbey to try and encourage more visitors and provide events! All in concert with the valiant efforts of English Heritage of course-but even they would accept visitor numbers are small and the abbey though significant is under promoted!
Met one of my "characters" at Abbey Mill on Sunday and told him he had inspired one of the lead characters in Out of Time! He was delighted and said I'd made his day...but he'd made mine too!

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