Saturday, 3 September 2011

and back to work...

Busy week ahead: preparing to relaunch Bluebirds Study Centre @ BarrowAFC with a few small courses-with some precious funding! Good news!Not Playing for Success but its a start!
Some serious writing planned-I've decided I need a timetable to keep me in check! Raven's Horde progressing well, over half way-a few tricky chapters to write but tis getting exciting!
Out of Time going into e-books/kindle very soon-dragging myself into the 21st century and though I am a Kindle owner now...I must confess I still love the feel of a real book! However, I hope to reach many more people with this move!
Planning a list of appearances and signings for the next term-I am available to visit schools, groups and clubs etc-email or message me for details.Some interesting gigs coming up-especially the Hallowe'en at Furness Abbey on 30th October-I hope to be reading from Out of Time in situ...which-I anticipate WILL be very scary!
Appearing at Abbey Mill Craft Fair next Sunday, Waterstones Lancaster 17th September and Eskdale Show 24th September-more details to follow!

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