Thursday, 1 March 2012

Wonderful World Book Day

Mad March Hare a random Monk and the Mad Hatter
World Book Day at Waterstones Barrow

What a great day...I was invited to attend Waterstones World Book Day at their Barrow shop. There was a steady flow of book buyers and browsers and I had a variety of conversations with people about Out of Time and signed a few books too. I enjoyed browsing too-and as always didn't leave without buying. Instead of my usual historical novel or biography I thought I would change track and have a go at "We need to talk about Kevin" by Lionel Shriver...looks interesting and I'll have a go. Of course, couldn't  leave without a couple of purchases for grandson Noah-good old "Where the Wild Things Are" By Maurice Sendak and"Hairy McLary from Donaldson's Dairy" by Lynley Dodd. Can't wait to read them to him.
March Hare, monk and Cheshire Cat

 I've had a busy week this week-earlier I had a second visit to Lindale Primary School. This time worked with the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 as well as Key Stage 2. We shared Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle and then drew pictures of the characters. In KS2 we had fun with settings and words to create atmosphere. Lovely day. Tomorrow I am off to Thwaites School Millom to share the books and work together-should be good!

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