Friday, 23 March 2012

New challenges

We had the first meeting of the newly formed Furness Abbey Fellowship yesterday. No not another Lord of the Rings sequel...we have set up a new group to support, promote and publicise the abbey. There are many reasons for this because as I have mentioned before the abbey is in a bit of a sorry state  at present and many of us locally feel that although English Heritage have spent lots of money on the physical well being of the abbey, they have done little to widen its appeal and generate visitors to bring in funds to offset this. The attitude is very corporate with little reference to local perspectives. We feel this is detrimental and that they are missing a massive opportunity. I will post details of our progress and our next meeting as they happen. We now have a Facebook group as well so if you express an interest I will add you to it.

On the walking front things are not looking so good-massive blister! So dilemma-to walk or not to walk! Only 7 weeks to go and then we will be on the K2B! Can't wait!

Nice bit of book news-at Barrow Waterstone's in the annual sales apparently Out of Time is only 3rd behind Paolini and Kinney! Not bad-just need it to extend to other shops further afield! Thanks to the wonderful booksellers at Barrow : )

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