Sunday, 11 March 2012

I love Sundays

Up at 9...bit of a lie in I have to say! Then a lovely brisk and energizing walk from Furness Abbey to Ireleth through St Helen's Valley and back again via the Black Dog and Dalton. I love this walk it's picturesque at this time of year and because the seasons are so messed up saw snowdrops, crocus and daffodils all together-spectacular! Wish I had taken the camera! We (my K2B training partners Nicola and Leeann) walked, talked and put the world to rights. Cross about the dearth of public toilets in Askam and Ireleth (note to self-complain to council) and crossing legs by we staggered to the top of Ireleth Hill-waved to dad in his resting place at the church and on to Dalton-couldn't possibly comment whether we used the "closed" yet still accessible loo at the cemetery-but was able to continue the walk! We passed most of the venues in Out of Time and went down the Haggs towards the abbey.

It was great because as we passed the abbey car park-which I noted had new fixings for bollards-why I'm unsure-but will go well with the industrial weight gate at the entrance-looks like the crown jewels are maybe being protected behind them...or could it be that the amazing artefacts found recently, will be returned to Furness; we caught sight of Tom Burrows the "real" Mason! Obviously we had to go and have a chat. I brought up the fact that I had nobody to play him in the promotional film and he volunteered for the role! Can't wait-need to source some green overalls...he has a hard hat but need to find where to get overalls-any ideas will be gratefully accepted.

Had chat with EH lady too and it was nice to hear that things are looking tidier in the abbey. Not long to the first meeting of the new "friends" of Furness Abbey. If you love the abbey as I do why not join us at the Red Lion at Dalton on 22nd March at 7-30pm. We are seeking ways to help to promote, celebrate and fete the abbey in the manner it deserves...seeing what we can do to help and to negotiate with EH and Barrow Borough Council re the local heritage situation including the Abbey Mill Cafe and area around it! We may not make much impact-but won't know till we try!

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