Sunday, 18 March 2012

Visited Ulverston Thursday Club guessed it-Thursday! I addressed the club about dystonia-spreading the word and had a great response. They were kind enough to present me with a cheque for £25 in donation and I also sold 5 books of which £2 per book will go to the society too.

Friday was amazing. Had a stint at Barrow Archives and got some information I needed. Then, I was kindly given permission to visit the archives at the Dock Museum to help me with my research. Wow! I saw the real Rampside sword which was nothing like a sword to look at-but was brilliant considering how old it was! I have also been able to leave books in the shop to be sold and am looking forward to a signing in the summer when my new children's book is released. I forsee a great future relationship and would like to thank Keith and Liz for their care and help! Popped into Abbey Mill Cafe for a chat with Jackie and a lovely latte.

view towards Coniston

Did a good 13 miles today for K2B training from Lowick to Barrow. A fantastic and beautiful day, but unfortunately managed to acquire a massive blister on my heel! This will now need to be addressed and I may need to reassess the trainers!

Stray sheep on Kirkby moor

This week we are having our first meeting for a new group to aid and assist the future of Furness Abbey. I'm not saying we can even do much...but we can have a go! We need to encourage a new approach re marketing and events-its ok saying its off the beaten track and won't attract visitors, but I am sure we could change this! If we looked at the situation for Furness as a whole I am sure something could be done to improve the number of tourists and visitors. English Heritage have spent a fortune-but seem reluctant to improve marketing and are evidently prepared to accept that nothing can change. It seems that they are unaware of the resources here in Furness and we must encourage them to look deeper. If anyone who is actually reading this-please join us on Thursday at 7-30pm at the Red Lion in Dalton. We may be able to do nothing...but we won't know until we try!

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