Thursday, 29 March 2012

Good news

Funny day-bit messed up and had a big queue for petrol (but  really did need it-it was flashing at me)Luckily got some which means that I'm ok for next week when I have the exciting task of accompanying the child actors for the promo film of Out of Time! Cant wait! It now looks good because we have permissions from Furness Abbey, St Georges Church  and Dalton Castle-it will make it so authentic and have great confidence in Stuart Appley and Comely Media. The kids we're using are all wonderful and I have taught 2 of them in a previous incarnation. 

Then if that wasn't good enough I got home and found I had an email from Troubador Publishing with the cover proof! It looks cool and I am excited because it can't be long now till it arrives on my doorstep! So the next issue is the completion of Raven's Quest-it IS almost done-but fine tuning needed and then a final edit.

Sad news about Chetwynde School closing-though I am not surprised everyone is feeling the pinch and I am sure that running a school without government support is difficult. What I do worry about is that 278 odd kids now have to urgently find places for September-long after the schools have accepted next years cohort. Also are there enough places for these children? A tragedy if not-what will happen to their education? Hopefully, Cumbria County Council may come up with a solution...but I won't hold my breath.

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