Monday, 13 February 2012

Weird synchronicity

Productive day today at Barrow Library Archives with help from Mike and Glenn. Researching for Raven's Hoard and not for the first time had a spooky moment. It happened before whilst researching the last book-I would have an idea, research it and then find that my made up idea fitted very closely to the reality. Happened again today...without giving too much away, a certain item I am including in the book led me to a report which outlined the story I wanted to tell. However, it got weirder...the choice of my title was random-or so I thought -but there it was a MASSIVE link to the name in the very location I have chosen. Next I found a date which was an actual time frame for an event...and I had selected-without prior knowledge a date just 8 days later! And all this because I selected one particular half remembered discovery in the locality! So am  psychic? Or is it that there are no original thoughts and ideas? Either way its a bit spooky! But the other thing it demonstrates is that this area, much maligned and ignored in the recognised historical record really does have an amazing past and the more I delve, the more fascinating items I come across. This may well keep me going for many books to this space!

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