Wednesday, 15 February 2012

rebirth, reading and reaching the masses

Funny old day motivation whatsoever and that worries me. I finally shook off the sloth at 7 when we had a quarterly meeting of Furness and South Lakes group of the Dystonia Society. A new member came and a few of the old stalwarts...but we are struggling I guess, we have lost members and few younger ones arrive, but we still need to plod on. It will be 15 years in May since our very first event-coincidentally a Tea Party! So we have decided to celebrate by holding another one in awareness week on 19th May...why don't you join us-details to follow soon. We need prizes and publicity-we will be selling tickets and would like to make this a signature event for the year. Later on we are holding an awareness day where sufferers and public alike can join with us to learn more about this horrible

Tomorrow will be an interesting one-I am meeting at Abbey Mill Cafe with Iain McNichol the history man and Comely Media to arrange some filmic publicity of a high quality-if you don't believe me-take a look at the website. On Saturday I will be signing books at Blackpool Waterstones-this is the furthest afield that have gone and hopefully heralds an extension to the reach of my book. Please come and see me if you are in the vicinity.

Next week back to the "infinite variety" that has become my career-Time Investigators, Explorers clubs for Y6 kids, Teaching Assistant's courses, governor duties, meetings and a visit to Leeds Uni with Freya. Writing...haven't done a lot this week despite trying very hard-probably get more done in the impossibly bust weeks ahead!

News on the new book-Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle should be out by 1st August-hopefully sooner! More later ...

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