Monday, 6 February 2012

this week I have mostly been....

reading...finishing my newly downloaded Great Expectations-with original illustrations (had to give up on Grandad's originals...print far too small to read-he gave me a full set for passing my 11 plus!Happy Days!) Then got engrossed in Joffre White's Frog-a brilliant fantasy for older kids-loving it and able to appreciate it now I've a bit more time free(who am I kidding?) Next up...How to make your social networking count and help marketing! Not such a scintillating read-and I do seem to be on the right track-no clue as how to go "viral" or at least "viralish" but keep plugging away I guess!

Taking bookings for schools and arranging signings-next up is Blackpool Waterstones I hope at half term. Barrow Waterstones have kindly invited me to work with them during World Book Week-can't wait! Trying to go further afield-but Cumbria always my priority-special rates for our schools, no travel expenses charged-hope to get about a bit in spring and summer. Hopefully, going to Italy to a school near Vas where they used the book as a summer project.
Still looking for kind people to follow, like or otherwise interact with the various social network sites I now have a presence on...oh and reviews would be acceptable too! Looking forward to Wednesday at St Paul's CE Junior School, Barrow-a lovely author day    planned, lots of new activities-can't wait! Then half term when I am putting aside at least 3 full days where I will write-UNINTERRUPTED! That's the problem when you have a butterfly brain-it flutters everywhere but where it should be!

Going to Manchester to the Dystonia Groups meeting-be nice to see everyone again and get up to speed with whats going on. We are still in need of awareness because although dystonia is the 2nd most common movement disorder it hasn't the profile it deserves such as Parkinsons or MS has-yet there are as many sufferers. Our 5 teams for dystonia in the Keswick to Barrow walk are training hard and we will look forward to fundraising and awareness success again this year! I am attempting my 7th walk this year and am looking forward to day-which is inspirational as well as painful...all 40 miles of it! But nothing compares to seeing the Lakes at dawn and walking through the hills to Barrow. If you would like to sponsor me-no matter how little please use the link above!Thank you Find out more about dystonia below-
Will let you know on the progress of Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle and the Furness Abbey Friends this space!

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