Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Just when you thought it was all over...

I am afraid I have not blogged for some time for a number of reasons-work, family and busy. I had hoped I would be jolly and philosophical but no I am back to being Mrs Angry of Barrow with a splash of Emmeline Pankhurst and Bouddicca! I apologise in advance!

Today three members of the press contacted me re the news that Story Homes had finally put in their planning for houses within the conservation area near to Furness Abbey on Manor Road. The outcry when their first proposal was introduced in March was huge! An online petition reached upwards of 2000 signatures very quickly and then individuals also sent opposing letters to the council planning department. Most local people were horrified that this small piece of green belt-the final piece on the approach to the amazing Furness Abbey was even being considered as a viable building site. At the preview of the plans Story Homes were arrogant in the extreme and certainly had no understanding of the local heritage. They openly admitted that they wanted to break into the Barrow area as we "don't have many homes of quality". Their original plans were for 50 homes with no special measures to safeguard the abbey perimeter wall and West Gate-with no provision for affordable housing.

After seeing the level of public opposition and indeed taking on board some of what was said-they tried to improve or streamline the plans-they had even suggested they would pop in a few affordable homes too. However this was not necessary because in the council housing plans for the district this was already catered for, they have dropped that and reduced it to 38 executive homes with upto 5 bedrooms-for workers who come to Barrow to work at BAE on new large contracts. So-not even for the local community. They have skipped over the heritage and environmental issues with a ludicrous "corridor" to protect the wall. Story Homes said it is confident the layout will alleviate any fears raised by the public about negative impact on the nearby Furness Abbey. Well actually the only possible way to do that is NOT to build at all! As for the flooding issues-these are rarely solved by adding more building which produces 50% more run off-and guess where it will all go? Yes down stream to the abbey itself!

They are trying to sweeten the pill by offering to create a playground in Barrow. Yeah...that will do it! Exchange a playground for a heritage conservation area! Perfect! After all we will all be admiring that in 900 years wont we?

Anyway the battle lines are drawn-so if you want to help please sign the petition and state why you are opposed-or it isn't valid!

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