Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Dock Museum extravaganza

Looking forward to the signing at the Dock Museum on Saturday. There are going to be lots of gargoyle inspired activities-including a colouring competition and clay gargoyle making. The only trouble is will want to be with the kids doing the the good old days in the classroom! Sad to think may never return to an infant classroom...age is ridiculously against me-or at least my pay grade is! Again, thank you Mr Gove! how many of the over 50s are on the scrap heap I wonder?

I suppose I am lucky that I have been able to reinvent myself again...and it is great fun writing and I am excited about the new company and acquiring work and contract for it. I am thrilled to be involved with Furness Abbey Fellowship too-we are about to become a charity and then we can really get down to some work! So no need to be wistful about the past...on into the future!

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