Tuesday, 7 August 2012

And there's more....

Trying very hard to rationalise the junk we have accumulated in this house over the last 12 years! This is proving nigh on impossible. Each little trinket, each book, every item appears to have a memory attached...which slightly delays turfing out! I have to admit that although we have two bin bags of clothes and one of rubbish, the rest is going back in the cupboards! 

Next signing is coming up-on Saturday. I will be in place signing copies of Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle from 1pm onwards. I hope I get to see lots of you...he is selling quite well already so hopefully the word will have got out. It will be nice to see my friends at Waterstones again-they always make me feel so welcome.

I suppose it's time to mention the Olympics...seeing as everyone else is. I am in no way a sports fan but I do see the value of it and certainly some of these amazing athletes have provided us with wonderful role models for our children. Let's hope that the media etc take this opportunity to capitalise on this and drop some of the less attractive and less deserving role models. It constantly concerns me that children look up to over paid and often talentless icons and aspire to be "famous". Fame always used to be a by product of doing something memorable, clever, brave or amazing. What is heralded as famous these days is usually something very different, often shallow, generally image ridden and frequently valueless. In fact some of the specimens who are "famous" would have once been classed "infamous", however, this word seems to have lost its meaning and fame for which footballer you sleep with, or how often you step into the tanning parlour,or who is having an affair with whom, has superseded it and become acceptable. I am aware I am out of step with many people and that I am regarded as old fashioned because I abhor celebrity culture-but take a moment to consider, which role models would you like your children to admire-the vain and talentless...or the brave, courageous and tenacious? I know which I would prefer!

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