Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Headaches and sore feet

Final sorting out of the teams for the Keswick to Barrow Walk-it has been a nightmare to be honest! Quite a headache!People changing their minds, pulling out, adding in, needing bus seats, I feel quite dizzy with it all. But then organising nearly 70 people was never gonna be easy! 5 teams for Dystonia and one for Bluebirds Study Centre-So Friday-I give out tags, t shirts and bus tickets and then we are sorted! Our bus leaves promptly at 4am Saturday morning and we should be tagging through the barriers at 5-30-ish at Keswick. Weather forecast looks ok-maybe a little shower in the afternoon-but hey we've had worse!

So back to the preparations-buying copious amounts of water, compede and snacks for the support cars-and then there's Sarah and Wendy's Snack Shop which provides out bacon and sausage butties at Dunmail Raise. So I will blog on Sunday when I'm nursing my sore feet (hope not) an will have photos of the action along the way. Oh and I am still available to sponsor on the link below-go on you know you want to!!!

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