Thursday, 3 May 2012

Abbey treasure, hoards, signings and walks

At signing at Preston Waterstones with happy customer
Getting the next few weeks sorted out some kind invitations to do signings for new book "Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle" and "Out of Time" and  more school bookings. Just at the right time because I felt a bit worried that things were stalling somewhat. However I still need to get my marketing strategy right and I recognise this is not my forte! I need a PA -preferably who would do the phoning for love and get me a serious touring calendar  sorted! I know it is crucial and I will have to address it and not keep getting distracted!

Exciting days ahead-we have the viewing of the fantastic abbey finds and the viking hoard (Dock Mseum)...I can't wait and will be at the abbey first thing tomorrow! I will be down there at the Abbey Cafe too-Jackie has kindly agreed to my signing copies of the book in conjunction with the exhibition so hopefully a few visitors from further afield will show an interest!

Some of the Dystonia teams 2011 K2B

However, I will be squeezing in a short practice walk for the Keswick to Barrow walk which is next weekend. Sponsorship has gone well-but if anyone would like to sponsor me do get in touch-I'm walking in aid of dystonia and am in charge of 5 teams this year plus one for Bluebirds Study Centre. So next week expect a blog about the experiences on the day and hopefully pictures too! Its special too because the first walk I did in 2006 was on 12 May-which was my dad's birthday and the first one after we lost him...which made it quite emotional...and its the 12th again this this one is for him (he would be gob smacked at me doing this because I was always very sport and exercise averse much to his disappointment). If you're about next week look out for the lovely green dystonia t shirts and give us a beep or a wave! This week is...

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