Monday, 9 December 2013

At the setting of the sun...

December has been a sad month-not least because it marked the passing of a giant of humanity-Nelson Mandela, but because of losses closer to home. It always seems more poignant when there is a loss at this time of year-because Christmas is significantly a time for family and reflection. We lost a very close and dear friend to the scourge that is cancer and we will miss him deeply. His family will have a huge mountain to climb until they can come to terms with his passing and I don't envy them that restlessness and frustration that accompanies grief. The outlet for that is often action and I have a number of friends who have throw themselves into physical activity for charity or set out on a massive campaign to help beat cancer/heart/disability. Its a positive reaction to loss, but care must be taken to grieve properly at the same time. I know only too well that racing around to avoid confronting your grief can be detrimental...and it will get you in the end-when you least expect it!

Life should be lived as though each day was your last-packing every minute with something worthwhile. My Dad used to say every day he woke up was a bonus and he wrung every drop of life out of each day, never regretted anything and had a positive approach to life...and death!

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