Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Painting myself into a corner

I hear a lot about writer's block! Luckily I haven't suffered from it yet...or maybe I haven't noticed it? I am in fact suffering from exactly the opposite-I have loads of ideas which arrive in my brain too quickly, causing a massive backlog and bulging notebook!

Problem is I find everything around me a stimulus! I catch myself collecting characters like stamps and I do think I won't have enough time to write about them all! Time is of the essence as they say and its something that I seem to have no control of. Strange that the book series is called "out of time"-because its what I seem to be frequently!
Guy and Grumpy behind

For instance I went to Furness Abbey yesterday, which is not uncommon and there I spotted more carvings which unbelievably I had not seen before. Immediately I returned home I jotted some ideas down and looked at the photos. Great source stuff but rather distracting because I am already in the middle of Cistercian Conspiracy. This is me though...butterfly brain...if I write solidly every day for the next twenty years I won't be able to write all of these stories I am sure!

However, I have removed myself from the corner I had painted myself into-which is good. I really DO envisage completing by new year if I have to shut myself into a room for a week. So watch this space...coming soon-Out of Time 3

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