Friday, 11 October 2013

Exciting times ahead and feeling just a bit smug!

Feeling quite pleased with myself today...picked up 100 copies of the new book from the printers! This is essentially a limited edition-arising from my lack of organisation-too late to get it out via my usual publishers-Matador Books/Troubador before Christmas. I needed a new book to take with me to fairs so I took the decision to go for it with a local printer-HSP Milner and I have to say they've done me proud! The quality is excellent and although its smaller than expected I love it! However, when they're gone they're gone! And if by chance you have one of these when I am as famous as JKRowling then you will be able to sell it for mega bucks on ebay!!!

And its that time again folks...waiting with great anticipation for our donation from Keswick to Barrow Walk after our hard work completing the 40 mile hike last May. We had seven teams walking for dystonia-which if you don't know is a horrible neurological condition affecting 75000 in the UK. We raised an awful lot of sponsorship this year so looking forward to the awards night. We are also expecting some funds for Furness Abbey Fellowship as well-which will go to the crosier appeal.

Which also means...the teams for next year are open! SO if YOU think you can do this crazy walk with us in all horrible kinds of weather-let me know and I will add you in!

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