Thursday, 14 February 2013

Furness Abbey Fellowship New Membership Scheme

Half term never works out as you plan it! Mine has flown past and although I have caught up with some things I needed to do, I still need about another week! The weather has been strange -not knowing what to do and I don't think that helps with mood-swings.

I have been busy planning marketing strategy and reaffirming my intentions as an author! Lots to do and none of it writing my book unfortunately! I will endeavour to pick it up very soon. On top of this I have masses of stuff for Furness Abbey Fellowship which never seems to end-lots of paperwork and red tape! But it will be worth it in the end! We have lots of fundraising activities coming up soon and we have launched our membership details-anyone can join but schools are free.
We have also launched an appeal for funding a display cabinet to house the Abbot's treasure when it finally returns. We would like to raise more than the initial target of £6,000 as it would be fantastic to help to provide a gallery. We are working closely with English Heritage and hope that this partnership will be very beneficial to the rehabilitation of Furness Abbey. Do have a look and if you would like to join or donate please get in touch.

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